trekfan (trekfan) wrote in inmemoryofheath,

Heath Birthday tribute

Heath would have been 37 years old today. It's still so sad he didn't have a long life. But I am glad for the time he was here and all the wonderful movies he did and all the people he helped along the way.

We miss you Heath. Happy Birthday!

Heath and his dad

 photo black amp white 172_zpstjulqsls.jpg

 photo Foto_zps97160177.jpg

I wish I could have found this purple beanie. I love it

 photo purpleca5_zps30df589b.jpg

how flexible he was :D
 photo abwPStabletable_zps1f731e81.jpg

 photo surlatable-oct2007_zps6e05122b.jpg

he had a nice body

 photo acswR1-1_zps9e17e55e.jpg

my fave parachute hoodie

 photo heath-parachutejacket.jpg

I hope you are all well

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